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We partner with local churches who are already on the ground floor serving the Lord.

La Iglesia La Gloria de JesuCristo

What started off as a small bible study for some child relatives after a funeral became a mission that has forever changed over 120 children's lives. Every week children from the area go to hear the gospel, learn to play instruments and train to preach the gospel of Christ; and if they are lucky, get a meal to eat. 


The church does all this with no water, gas or electric in their facility. The children are subject to harsh weather conditions but still have the heart to show up waiting for one more meal. Will you help? 100% of the money raised by Mission Juarez Mexico goes to this and other churches who are raising up the next generation of Juarez children that will further the Gospel!

Mission Loma Blanca

This mission is headed up by Pastor Jose Lerma and his wife who saw the devastation of the drug wars that went through the small community. Mostly farming area, the drug lords forced farmers in the area to grow the drugs they needed or be executed. Some complied and some did not. After the war was coming to a close, the government confiscated all the land and left many without a way to sustain themselves. Now the community is filled with mostly single mother's with no way to supply for their children. 

Pastor Lerma goes every week and teaches the children the love of Christ. He and his wife gather donations from their church ($6 a week in USD) to feed the malnourished children. This meal is one of maybe 5 meals they may have that week. They have no water to the building they currently use.


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We would like to rebuild the collapsing building and connect a water supply so the community can have more that 50 liter of water ever few days. Will you donate? Together we can change this entire community!

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