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Amazing News!!!

The Lord has been working in an amazing way! Only God can make happen what has been happing in the past week. So far Trinity Reformed Church has raised $1,350 towards Mission Juarez Mexico. Praise the Lord! But as they say in late night infomercials... "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!"

An anonymous donor from Trinity Reformed Church in Grand Haven, MI, has put forth this wonderful challenge to the congregation. A matching gift of up to $5,000! So $5,000 raised by Trinity could turn into $10,000! I'm speechless! What God puts on a person's heart is a blessing and when that person acts on it, that's a miracle! "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!"

We have a woman down in El Paso, TX, who owns a plot of land in Juarez. She is donating that land to Iglesia Jezreel under Pastor Daniel Moreno because her heart has always been to build an orphanage. She talked to the Mexican government and they are willing to match the money we raise for the ophanage!

So $5,000 could turn into $10,000 then instantly turn into $20,000! Only God can do math like that!

All this money is for the building project but we are still hoping to bring the Gospel, Toys, Blankets, Jackets and Meals the families of Juarez during the Christmas season so we still need your help! We are now up to 140 children who will go without this Christmas and live in the worst conditions.

Will you consider giving a little to bless families one child at a time? Any gift amount helps!

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